• Flexiramics ®

    FLEXIRAMICS® is an excellent filler to boost the properties of plastics without hindering their flexibility.

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  • Flexiramics PI

    FLEXIRAMICS PI™ is a polyimide composite with enhanced thermal stability!

    Polyimide is chosen for this composite as it is a high end polymer used across the electronics and transportation industries. However, Flexiramics® can be used to enhance various other polymers, potentially opening a world of other applications.

    polyimide with Flexiramics filler

    The problem with most polyimide composites containing ceramic fillers is that even though their thermal stability is improved,

    their flexibility is often left hindered. Well, that is not the case with this composite!

    Flexiramics PI is perfectly flexible and not one bit brittle, combining the best from the ceramic and polyimide worlds.


    Eurekite is a young, dynamic, scientific and creative company.

    It was founded by researchers of MESA + Institute for Nanotechnology in Enschede, The Netherlands. Our mission is to enable new technologies by tackling challenges through the use of flexible ceramic nanofiber composites.

    Our Expertise

    Formulation Chemistry

    Our deep understanding of the processes involved in forming nanofibers allows for fine tuning and customization of the ceramic nano fiber composition.

    Production Technology

    We understand the relation between chemistry, available production technologies and product characteristics to enable scaling to industrial needs.

    Composite Development

    We have the in depth know-how in handling and post-processing of nanofibers necessary to develop functional composites with superior properties.

  • Our Approach

    Usually composite films are formed by administering ceramic filling in the polymer. Instead we do it the otherway around - We use the polymer as a “filling” in our flexible ceramic, thus producing a composite that has perfectly unhindered flexibility.

    What We Do

    What Others Do

  • Gerard Cadafalch



    Gerard is originally from Catalonia, Spain.

    He studied chemical engineering at the University of Barcelona. Moreover, he had several jobs in chemical labs and was an active board member in different associations.

    He moved to the Netherlands in 2011, to pursue a PhD in fabrication of nanomaterials at MESA + (University of Twente). During his PhD he invented the flexible ceramic material that resulted in the foundation of Eurekite.

    Bahruz Mammadov



    Bahruz was born in Azerbaijan. He studied chemistry at Ganja State University. After graduation, he worked at Azerbaijan International Mining Company, where he became a senior process engineer. Later on, he moved to the Netherlands to pursue his education in a master’s program in chemical engineering at the University of Twente and gained further work experience at BASF, Germany. During his master’s program, he learnt about the flexible ceramic technology and co-founded Eurekite.

    Andre ten Elshof



    Andre graduated in chemical engineering at the University of Twente, where, later on, he obtained his PhD. After working at Akzo Nobel for 3 years, he continued his academic career to become professor in nanomaterials at MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology.

    Pavel Cholakov

    Head of Business Development & Sales

    Pavel is originally from Haskovo, Bulgaria. He moved to the Netherlands to pursue further education. Pavel holds two bachelor's degrees in management and an MBA in Financial Management. He has over 5 years of experience with new ventures. Currently he is in charge of the business development and sales of Eurekite.

    Roger Brunet Espinosa

    Head of Research & Development


    Roger was born in Barcelona, Spain. He studied chemical engineering at the University of Barcelona (UB). In Spain, he worked for Procter and Gamble (P&G) and then, moved to The Netherlands to perform a PhD in material fabrication for water purification. Currently, he is working as material scientist at Eurekite.

    Bas Kerkwijk

    Head of Operations


    Bas holds a PhD in structural ceramics and his curiosity for “flexible ceramics” drove him towards Eurekite.

    For the last 15 years he worked in various roles in manufacturing engineering, project and commercial management and business development. Currently he is responsible for the project management of operations, scale up and supporting the management team.

    Marcel ten Hove

    Chemical engineer/Researcher


    Marcel was born in the Netherlands. He studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente. After graduation he started a PhD position in Inorganic Membranes at the University of Twente. Currently he is responsible for production scale-up and for research of new materials at Eurekite.'

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