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Flexiramics® awarded “Most Impactful Technology” at the Start-Up forum during LOPEC 2016

The Flexiramics® PCB technology of Eurekite was awarded during the international exhibition and conference for printed electronics  organized by OE-A (Organic Electronics Association).

Eurekite won the most impactful technology award at of the Start-Up forum at LOPEC (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) on April 6th in Munich. LOPEC is an industry exhibition where companies ranging from printer manufacturers, through materials suppliers, to flexible device manufacturers were present. Eurekite presented its Flexiramics® PCB technology, consisting of a unique light and flexible ceramic substrate with printed conductive patterns on top of it. This state-of-the-art PCB technology is enabled by a breakthrough in material science – purely ceramic and at the same time thin and flexible material invented by Eurekite. Previous winners of the prestigious award are ClearJet (3D printing of copper from Israel), Scrona (Inkjet printing at nano-scale resolution from Switzerland) and Colloidal Ink (Highly conductive inks from Japan).

Flexiramics® is light and flexible like paper but 100% ceramic so it provides higher thermal stability and excellent dielectric properties. Current flex PCBs are fabricated on top of polymer substrates, which do not resist high temperatures and have poor dielectric properties. Flexiramics® breaks these limitations by allowing usage at higher temperatures. Flexiramics® PCBs can be used as antennas or interconnects in automotive, aerospace or industrial applications, where working temperatures are higher. It is not the first time that the printed electronics community has recognized Flexiramics®, the journal All About Circuits already published an article entitled “Will Flexiramics Change Circuit Boards Forever?”. The jury that awarded the price at LOPEC 2016, consisted of internationally renowned industry experts and investors.

“Will Flexiramics Change Circuit Boards Forever?” - All About Circuits

Eurekite’s team is proud of the achievement. “We are very happy to receive this award; it confirms the potential of Flexiramics in the PCB world” Bahruz Mammadov (CFO/Co-Founder). Nevertheless, the fast growing start-up is already thinking a number of steps ahead. As Gerard Cadafalch (CEO/Co-Founder) states, “it was important for building strategic partnerships that will allow us to improve and scale our technology”. Eurekite is currently in negotiations to enter into a project with a number of multinational customers and raising a series B of investment to scale the technology.

“It was important for building strategic partnerships that will allow us to improve and scale our technology” - Gerard Cadafalch (CEO)

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